Kayla Lilli Photo

P U E R T O   E S C O N D I D O

Oaxaca, Mexico

P L A Y A   Z I P O L I T É

Oaxaca, Mexico 

After a few  perfect days in puerto, we hopped on a bus, and then jumped in the back of a pickup heading deep south. After a few hours on the road,  and with a lot of local's help, we made it to Playa Zipolité.  We were drawn to it when we were researching small, laid back surfy beach towns in southern Oaxaca, and it was described as off the beaten path. Wheww,  it was a strange, wild place- nude beaches, long haired, tanned teenage boys looking straight out of the 70's selling questionable homemade brownies, our hotel concierge trimming a big basket of weed when we arrived, and an apparent community love for of magic mushrooms.. we lived off aguas frescas and micheladas, and enjoyed being the only seemingly foreigners in town. 

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