I can tell a story as good as your Granddad


Hi Hello

-Born + raised in the mountains of Nevada City, CA

-Currently cabin dwelling in Topanga Canyon/LA, CA

-Art school dropout

-Lover of burritos

-Finder of good light


My work is a mash up of portraiture+ documentary  with a reportage feel, influenced by many afternoons spent reading old nat geo magazines as a kid.

I like to think working with me feels like hanging with a friend. Candid + natural is my jam.

Lover of old and new, I'm equally capable of analog + digital formats and often work with both. 35 MM is my current love affair.

Check out some kind words here  from clients who are makin' me blush.

Don't Be a Stranger

Shoot me a message here  and let's discuss rates, availability + special packages for film and destination weddings ( I like to travel and have special rates).

Available for commissions worldwide.

I'm always a fan of meeting in real life, let's grab coffee (or burritos?) and have some real face time.


UCSC alum

Mother of dragon

Slayer of style 


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